Research Reports

Assessment of Water Users Associations in the Olifants Doorn Water Management Area

Obstacles facing emerging women farmers in the Western and Northern Cape, South African Executive Summary

Rural Women’s Conference Report

Agricultural Policy and Rural Poverty in South Africa A survey of the Past 20 years : Executive Summary

Understanding Rural Livelihoods in the Cape West Coast Policy Brief 1

Market Research on the organic and natural fynbos industry: with an emphasis on facilitating entry of small-scale farmers

Joint Venture Schemes: KZN, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape

South Africa’s agricultural commodity markets – Understanding the rules of the game in five commodity markets with the intention of creating opportunities for emerging farmers – Anton Cartwright and Nomonde Qeqe (English) 2005

Water for Farming. Who Gets it? Who Decides?

Is Expropriation the Answer to the Ills of Land Reform: An Examination of Expropriation as a Redistributive Mechanism to Acquire Land for the Landless – December 2004

Why do the Landless remain Landless? An Examination of Land Acquisition and the extent to which the Land Market and Land Redistribution Mechanisms serve the Needs of Landseeking People – December 2004

2002/03 Land Reform and Agricultural Budget Review – How to get there from here – Ricado Jacobs (English) 2003

Water, Land and Power: The Development of Water User Associations In South Africa – Gwendolyn Wellman, English), May 2001

SPP and Legal Resources Centre package on Municipal Commonage – April 2001

An Inventory and Description of the Historical Acquisition of Moravian Church Land – November 2000

An examination of Share Equity Schemes on beneficiaries in the Western Cape and Mpumalanga – A joint research report of the Surplus People Project and Land and Agricultural Policy Centre, Hildegarde Fast, (English), 1999

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